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Get an innovative outreach plan to reach the unchurchED

Elevate Your Ministry

We specialize in helping revitalize stagnant churches to effectively evangelize outside of the church building and increase their community influence.

Access MAsterclass

Daniel Hall will walk you through how to start the Compassion Project at your church. 

most churches don’t have a marketing strategy to reach the unchurched...

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How we can help


Community Needs Assessment

Guide your church through a process of analyzing the social, economic, and spiritual needs of the congregation and local community members in order to prioritize the development of targeted programs, services,  and resources.


Local Partnership Liaison

Serve as a key point of contact and coordination between business organizations, government agencies, and community stakeholders, to facilitate collaborative efforts to address shared goals and initiatives.


Event Planning Logistics

Ensure your evangelism outreach strategy and programming run smoothly and meet your church's objectives through detailed planning and efficient processes to cover the essentials required to execute your event successfully.


Evangelism Staff Training

Programs designed for large  conferences or small groups to equip pastors and church leaders with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to encourage engagement with the unchurched community through our “needs-based” approach.

compassion brings people together

Daniel used an innovative strategy called the "Compassion Project” to transform a church of 9 people into 87 members in just 3 weeks.

By implementing this evangelistic approach, we can position your church to create a system that not only draws unchurched individuals but also retains them.


Register for a Free, LIVE Mastermind

Join Daniel C. Hall for a FREE, interactive webinar as he share strategies to increase your membership and reach the unchurched. 

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